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Risk Consulting

We're a partner you can rely on to help make your business more competitive, improve your risk profile and achieve operational excellence.

  • Close to 400 risk consultants
  • Industry experience: 17+ years on average
  • Risk consulting know-how: 20+ years
  • Located in 26 countries
  • 24 languages spoken

Risk mitigation just got easier

SiteForward, our risk management customer portal, helps clients make critical risk management decisions by turning data into graphical reports and actionable knowledge at the touch of a button.

Digital Risk Engineer

Digital Risk Engineer enables clients to monitor the health of their assets and buildings around the world 24/7. The device analyzes information in real time to detect anomalies in assets and buildings, allowing for early intervention to mitigate the occurrence and severity of an incident. Early detection also helps to ensure minimal interruption when maintenance or repairs are needed.

Ensuring the safe delivery of effective COVID-19 vaccines

The new Global Health Risk Facility at Lloyd’s will insure the transportation and storage of COVID-19 vaccines—once they've been developed and approved for use—for the benefit of low and middle income countries. This highly collaborative undertaking harnesses the collective capabilities, expertise and resources of several public, private and non-profit organizations. This includes AXA XL who will lead the global programme and risk management initiatives.

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