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About Design Professional Unit at AXA XL

Our mission is simple: to bring you the resources and protection you need to run a successful business. For almost 50 years, AXA XL’s Design Professional team has provided unique and unmatched value to our clients.


  • We insure more than 10,500 design professionals, with clients ranging from small practitioners to large multinational design firms, including many of the countries’ leading designers.
  • 27,000 individuals have participated in our risk management courses.
  • Top ranked in Claims Service and our Risk Management Program by members of the ACEC.


We assist with project challenges, including help with crisis management and reputational harm, to facilitate a solution before a claim or lawsuit arises without impacting your deductible.

Working from regional offices and handling only design claims, we understand the nuances and challenges of local jurisdictions and are locally empowered to address and resolve claims. Additionally, our Loss Prevention Assistance helps your firm handle circumstances before a claim is made or suit is filed.


Our Loss Prevention Assistance may prevent claims with no impact to your deductible, liability limit or premium. AXA XL Design Professional claims consultants are true specialists that can help protect your business and reputation.

Mediation - Using mediation to resolve a claim can earn deductible credits and get you back to running your practice as soon as possible. Resolve a dispute through mediation and earn a 75% deductible credit for claims resolved within one year (50% thereafter) - up to $25,000 (in the US). If you are located in Canada, receive a 50% credit (up to $12,500).

Early Resolution - If you incorporate at least three of our recommended practices, you will qualify for a 75% deductible credit for claims resolved within one year (50% thereafter) - up to $35,000 (in the US). Resolve a claim within one year from the date of first reporting and receive a 50% credit (up to $12,500 in Canada). Resolve a claim using both mediation and early resolution and receive a 75% credit (up to $25,000 in Canada).


  • Architects - architects, architect planner, interior design, landscape, naval
  • Engineers - acoustical, civil, electrical, environmental, environmental science, geotechnical, HVA, illumination - lighting, mechanical, pipe line, process, professional, solar, structural, surveyor, traffic, and water supply.


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Disclaimer: *Each policy year, firms that successfully complete an approved program can earn up to 10% credit on premium for the first $5 million in coverage (maximum of $10,000 in Canada). Programs are registered with the American Institute of Architects (AIA), and units earned by architects are directly reported to the AIA by AXA XL’s Design Professional team. Engineers can generally use certificates of completion to self-report Professional Development Hours. Not all states and licensing boards accept these programs for Learning Units, and some do not recognize the Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW) qualification.

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