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Are you a broker and need access to our many resources? Log in to the Agency Tool Kit (AMOS and WebAPP)

Are you a client and need to log in to the AXA XL EDGE (Design Professional’s risk portal)? You can watch videos, read the latest Communiqué, learn about new industry trends or register for one of many self-paced courses. You will also be able to earn up to a 10% premium credit for completing one course or workshop per year through our Learning Management System.*

Disclaimer:* Each policy year, firms that successfully complete an approved program can earn up to a 10% credit on premium for the first $5 million in coverage (in the US) and up to $10,000 max on the first $5 million of coverage (in Canada). Programs are registered with the American Institute of Architects (AIA), and units earned by architects are directly reported to the AIA by AXA XL's Design Professional team. Engineers can generally use certificates of completion to self-report Professional Development Hours. Not all states and licensing boards accept these programs for Learning Units, and some do not recognize the Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW) qualification.

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