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Loss Prevention Education

for Design Professionals

Included with a policy, our risk management program provides education and practical advice to help you stay ahead of today’s liabilities. We offer free workshops, case studies, eLearning courses and webinars that can be tailored to your firm’s risk profile.


  • Learn how to review and improve your contracts
  • Offers advice on today’s hottest issues
  • Copy & paste recommended contract language into agreements
  • Mobile-compatible


Our online risk portal, the EDGE (formerly referred to as The Learning Management System) has been educating our clients for years – helping to reduce risk and prevent claims. The acronym stands for Educate, Develop, Grow and Engage. Those four words signify what we strive to do for our clients every day.

Learn and earn! With our education program we offer premium credits for principled risk management. Clients are able to earn up to a 10% premium credit for completing one course/workshop per year through the EDGE. Additionally, the use of a Limitation of Liability clause in contracts will earn up to 15% premium credit.1. Visit our digital Education Catalog to page through our courses.

Already a client? Log on now to the EDGE for a personalized learning experience.

Disclaimer: 1Each policy year, firms that successfully complete an approved program can earn up to 10% credit on premium for the first $5 million in coverage (in the US) and up to $10,000 max on the first $5 million of coverage (in Canada). 15% credit for the use of a Limitation of Liability clause is applicable in the US only. Programs are registered with the American Institute of Architects (AIA), and units earned by architects are directly reported to the AIA by AXA XL’s Design Professional team. Engineers can generally use certificates of completion to self-report Professional Development Hours. Not all states and licensing boards accept these programs for Learning Units, and some do not recognize the Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW) qualification.


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