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We want to create an inclusive environment in which each colleague feels welcomed and supported. We want to build a culture that values all individuals, backgrounds, and ideas; a place where talented people achieve great things together.

This is more than just aspirational; it’s a strategic imperative we’re working hard to make a reality. We recognize improving diversity and inclusion in our industry presents unique challenges to each organization, but now is the time to push past conversation to action. During the last year, at XL Catlin we’ve been busy doing just that:

  • Training ~84% of our leaders  to help encourage diversity in all its forms and inclusion at every level

  • Supporting colleagues to manage a successful career and a fulfilling life by offering a range flexible work arrangements from work location to work hours to job share; and  enhanced family-friendly leave benefits for maternity, paternity, same-sex domestic partners, adoption and surrogacy along with a more inclusive definition of family when colleagues needs time to assist with care

  • Levelling the playing field in a historically male dominated industry by providing professional development and networking opportunities to women through initiatives such as our Women of the World colleague resource group (CRG) and Women’s Executive Learning Program

  • Launching our newest CRG, Plus, to provide an important forum for out colleagues and allies to network, develop and feel comfortable bringing their whole selves to work 

  • Requiring recruiters and hiring managers to think differently about how they source and interview candidates to ensure that we attract the best and the brightest, not just the most familiar

Inside and outside of our industry, we participate in initiatives like the Dive In Festival and CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion to join the conversation and lead change. And we’re leading the way in professional organizations where we exchange ideas and share our best practices.

While we’ve accomplished a great deal in a short time, we know that, along with the rest of our industry, we have a long way to go. That’s why we’re joining Dive In events around the world—it’s time to move beyond talk, take action together, and drive real change in our industry and beyond.


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