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Winter weather events can be anything from a nuisance to a nightmare for contractors. Whether they bring snow, ice, rain, the dreaded wintry mix, high winds or just extremely cold temperatures, construction jobsites have a unique set of risk exposures when winter weather hits.

Even a relatively mild winter weather event brings the potential for significant losses for contractors. A burst pipe on an upper floor in the course of construction can cause a great deal of damage and, of course, project delays.

But with a modicum of planning and preparation, contractors can dramatically lessen the potential for loss on their job sites. To help, AXA XL’s Inland Marine team has developed a severe storm preparedness guide for construction projects.

Before the Snow Flies

Pre-season planning before winter storm season is the most important thing contractors can do to prevent losses. Bringing a team together to evaluate winter weather risks project-by-project and create action plans long before the cooler temperatures arrive will put you in a better position to react. A critical piece of this prep work is examining specific exposures for each project or class of projects. Then develop a detailed response plan that can be rolled out as soon as the weather threatens.

Brace Yourself

When everyone starts stocking up on milk, bread and eggs, there are specific actions contractors will need to take to prepare their property and project sites for when the storm does hit. As the storm’s arrival nears, contractors need to be ready to put their plan into action inspecting sites, securing materials and making ready for clean-up, such as snow removal.

When the storm hits, contractors need to carefully monitor sites to make sure their preparations are working as planned and adjust as needed on the fly. Once the severe weather clears out and they determine the site is safe they can start the process of inspecting and cleaning up and notifying your carrier and/or broker of any losses.

We’re Here to Help

Just like that awesome neighbor with the snowblower who clears everyone’s sidewalk, AXA XL’s North America Construction and Inland Marine teams are ready to help you deal with winter weather. We teamed up on the creation of our Severe storm preparedness guide for construction projects to offer guidance to contractors on their winter preparedness planning.

To learn more about risk management solutions for the construction industry, and enlist more of our help, visit our Construction Risk Engineering site. Learn more about our available Inland Marine’s Property and Builder’s Risk insurance products and the complete coverage solutions offered by our North America Construction business, which are helping contractors protect their people, property and profitability.

Download our severe storm preparedness guide for construction projects here.

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