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Women in Finance Charter

Women in Finance

When XL Catlin (UK) signed the Charter in 2018 we had 32% representation of women in senior management roles. As of September 2021 we’ve seen this increase to 40% - an improvement from our position last year at 32%, and an early achievement of our target. We remain focused on taking proactive action to continue to increase this representation.

Over the last year we introduced a number of actions including our Diverse Slate Policy which supports the integration of women in the workforce with the commitment of 50% of candidates who progress to interview being women. This demonstrates our commitment to the Charter and supporting the development of our female colleagues and candidates.

We are conscious of potential impacts of Covid-19. We believe we are on track to maintain and progress against our Charter target and will continue working to ensure that the right people, initiatives, and processes are in place to support this.

2022 Initiatives

Establishing Metrics & Accountability
We have established and cascaded I&D goals to every Leadership Team member and are holding them directly accountable for reaching these goals. We monitor and track progress through a Quarterly I&D Dashboard.

Fostering Dignity & Respect
We’ve launched our global Dignity at Work policy to protect against harassment and discrimination and ensure everyone feels safe, valued, and respected and can bring their full selves to work every day. In support of this, all colleagues are required to complete annual training to promote awareness of inclusive behaviors and channels available for reporting.

Attracting Diverse Talent
Our Diverse Slate Policy strives to achieve gender balance by requiring all hiring managers to have 50% women on their short list of finalists that they interview for all roles across all levels globally. This Policy has helped to increase the number of women hired across the UK this year.

Developing Historically Underrepresented Talent
Our Empower initiative provides tailored development support and senior leader visibility and sponsorship to 100+ colleagues , including women and others from historically underrepresented groups with the goal of accelerating their career advancement.

Engaging Colleagues in Driving Change
In 2022, all colleagues will have an inclusion and diversity goal in their annual objectives, reinforcing the important role every colleague has to play in advancing our commitment to I&D.

As we increase our efforts around diversity, each of us must also increase the focus on inclusion and need to evolve how we engage with all of our teams to be truly inclusive. Effective training and education to increase awareness will really support the change necessary to be a truly inclusive place to work. We offer regular webinars and live sessions to help with education, and we are also working on inclusive leadership and inclusive hiring manager training, amongst other activities.

Our colleague-led Business Resource Groups play a critical role in driving an inclusive and diverse culture at AXA XL. Through our five global BRGs with 27 Chapters around the world, LEAD, Pride, Rise, EnAble and our Inclusion Committees advance innovation, collaboration, and ultimately, our business goals. In relation to our focus on gender, the LEAD BRG’s objective is Leading, Empowering and Advancing Diversity. Seeking to engage both women and men to accelerate gender equality at AXA XL and encourage a culture of inclusion for all colleagues.

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