Product Family

XL Catlin’s insurance operations today announced the launch of insurance solutions designed to support companies in the Media & Entertainment industry.

XL Catlin has launched products to address the risks faced by organisers, performers, producers and support trades in the entertainment industry; including one dedicated to film and television productions, and another to cover live performances and the companies involved in that sector.

These products are offered on an annual or project-by-project basis and provide covers specific to each area. They are customisable, so that they can be individually tailored to a specific production or event.

John Young, Underwriting Manager, Media & Entertainment, comments: “From the risk that a star actress gets injured on set, through to the theft of cameras or props, the exposures associated with making movies and TV programmes vary greatly from one project to the next. The same rings true for touring professionals and businesses associated with live events.”

He added: “This is why it’s important for those companies to partner with expert underwriters who have significant experience in this specialist area, and the global capability to support their projects, wherever they may have to shoot, set a stage or perform.”

This announcement follows the establishment of XL Catlin’s Media & Entertainment team in January 2018. The team is led by John Young, Underwriting Manager, Media & Entertainment, who has 19 years’ experience in the London Market, including 10 years specialising in media and entertainment underwriting. He joined XL Catlin from ProSight Specialty insurance, where he held the role of Head of Media.