Product Family

AXA XL Insurance today announced the launch of Corporate CPR (Prévention et Gestion de crise) – a global risk management and insurance solution designed to help French companies of any size prevent, prepare for and respond to crisis situations abroad, and help protect their people, assets, property and finances.

As part of this innovative solution, AXA XL has partnered with S-RM, its global crisis response partner, and a global network of crisis communications specialist firms including LJ Corporate in France, to provide the following:

⁃ Pre-crisis planning and training to minimise the threat of crisis events⁃ Fast, expert response in the event of a crisis event to mitigate the damage, and ensure the business resumes operations as soon as possible⁃ Communications support to minimise the impact of a crisis on a company’s business

The policy covers 45 named crisis events under the six categories of catastrophes, criminal risks, cyber threats, people risks, political risks and political violence.

Julien Guénot, Country Leader – France, commented: “French organisations operating abroad today face new risks and new crisis situations. From natural disasters to political instability, companies need more from their insurer than a financial transaction. They’re looking for a partner capable of supporting them before, during and after a crisis, through a panel of services that go beyond traditional insurance.”

Mathieu Denarnaud, Underwriting Manager, Crisis Management – France, explained: “We listened to our clients to understand what they were worried about, what a crisis means to them and what they need to better prepare. We have worked with leading crisis response specialists to create a solution that we think will stand our clients in good stead to face a situation and recover from it. Our offering allows companies to have a holistic view of crisis management, which is key to their resilience.”

Frédéric Bedouet, Crisis consultant at S-RM, commented: “From data breaches to security, today’s risks are increasingly wide-ranging and unpredictable. This means that a comprehensive, integrated and flexible approach to crisis management is critical, so that organisations are fully prepared and supported.”