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AXA XL Insurance has developed a tailor-made contractual liability insurance program specifically for myKlovr, the first ever virtual college counselor for college-bound students.

MyKlovr is a one-of-its-kind voluntary or total rewards benefit for employees concerned about their high school children being properly prepared for the competitive college admissions process. MyKlovr leverages artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to provide high school students with personalized, step-by-step guidance to increase their chance of admissions to their best-fit college or university. Through this new partnership, AXA XL Insurance insures Student Global LLC, which allows Student Global LLC to follow through with the “myKlovr College Acceptance Promise” - a reimbursement of all myKlovr subscription fees should a student not be accepted to at least one of the educational institutions matched by the company’s proprietary algorithms.

“We believe this tailored contractual liability insurance – a first in the educational industry - is a game changer and a preview of things to come. This policy is an additional source of assurance, a great complement to the myKlovr virtual college counseling and helps Student Global LLC further expand the value that they offer through their unique after-tax employee benefit,” said Jason Harris, AXA XL’s Chief Executive, Global Property & Casualty.

“We use artificial intelligence and data science to provide students with personalized college counseling and the very best tools and resources to help them fully prepare for the college admissions process. We are delighted that AXA XL has recognized the value our services and provided myKlovr with its tailor-made liability insurance. Now, our virtual college guidance, which we offer as an employee benefit, comes with a money-back promise to support students and families throughout their college acceptance journey even better,” said Gustavo G. Dolfino, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of myKlovr.

AXA XL has created tailored insurance solutions that enable sharing economy companies like MyKlovr as part of the customer value proposition. Read more on AXA XL’s Fast Fast Forward site in “Insuring the Sharing Economy.”Follow AXA XL on Twitter and on LinkedIn.


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 ABOUT myKlovr

MyKlovr is a media division of Student Global, LLC, is the first-of-its-kind virtual college counselling platform that utilizes predictive data analytics and artificial intelligence to increase every high school student’s chances of college admission. Learn more at