Product Family

Building and Structures

From designing to analyzing buildings and structures for property loss prevention purposes, this grouped section provides guidance on a variety of features concerning construction.

PRC.2.0.1 Buildings under construction and renovation
PRC. Design and Protection of Buildings and Structures from Windstorms
PRC.2.0.2 Expanded Plastics in Building Construction
PRC.2.0.3 Snow loading of Buildings and Structures
PRC.2.0.4 Rain Loads on Buildings
PRC.2.0.5 Protection of Buildings from Exterior Fire Exposures
PRC.2.0.6 Definitions of Types of Construction
PRC.2.0.7 Engineered Lightweight Building Material
PRC.2.0.9 Earthquake Design of Buildings
PRC. Seismic Bracing
PRC. Roof System Guide
PRC.2.1.1 Single Ply Membrane Roof System
PRC.2.1.2 Fastening of Insulation on Metal Decks
PRC.2.1.4 Heat and Smoke Venting
PRC.2.1.5 Roof-Core Samples
PRC.2.1.6 Installing a New Roof Structure Over an Existing Roof System
PRC.2.1.8 Photovoltaic Systems
PRC.2.2.1 Fire Walls, Fire Barriers and Fire Partitions
PRC.2.2.2 Fire Doors and Through-Penetration Protection
PRC.2.2.3 Testing of Fire Doors, Dampers and Windows
PRC.2.2.4 Inspection of Installed Firestops
PRC.2.3.2 Plastic Ducts
PRC.2.3.3 Cellular Plastic Insulation for Mechanical Piping Systems
PRC.2.4.1 Insulation of Heated Tanks
PRC.2.5.1 Fireproofing for Hydrocarbon Fire Exposures
PRC.2.5.2 Oil and Chemical Plant Layout and Spacing
PRC.2.5.3 Drainage for Outdoor Oil and Chemical Plants
PRC.2.9.1 Dams and Other Hydraulic Structures
PRC.2.10 Calculation Methods for Structural Fire Protection