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Water-Based Extinguishing Systems

Water based extinguishing systems have proven over time to be among the most effective ways to protecting property against fire loss. Like all mechanical equipment, fire protection equipment and systems are exposed to environmental and other external conditions that can consequently affect performance. This grouped section reinforces the fact that water-based fire protection equipment should be properly designed, inspected, tested, and always maintained to be operable.

PRC.12.0.1 Fire Protection Hydraulics
PRC.12.0.2 Inspection Testing and Maintainence of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems
PRC.12.0.3 Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion in Sprinkler Systems
PRC.12.0.3.A Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion in Sprinkler Systems - SFPE Article
PRC. Hydraulically Designed Water based Systems
PRC. Sprinkler Systems
PRC. Sprinkler System Hydraulics
PRC. Shielding Heat Activated Devices
PRC. Converting Wet Pipe Systems to Dry Pipe Systems for Energy Conservation
PRC. Fixed Protection for Oil and Chemical Plants
PRC. Foam Water Sprinkler and Foam Water Spray Systems
PRC. Low Medium and High Expansion Foam Systems
PRC.12.5.1 Testing of Fire Pump Equipped Automotive or Mobile Fire Apparatus
PRC.12.5.1.A SAMPLE N-488
PRC. Water Mist Systems