Product Family

Management Programs (Overview Manual)

Management programs are the foundation to all property loss prevention and conservation measures. This grouped section introduces the OVERVIEW Program and covers philosophical concepts top or local site facility management teams would leverage in creating, implementing and updating their loss prevention programs.

PRC.1 Overview, A Management Program for Loss Prevention and Control
PRC.1 Overview Forms
PRC.1.0.1 Management Program for The Protection of Property Production and Profits
PRC.1.0.2 Management of Change
PRC. Replacement in Kind
PRC. Processing Requests for Change
PRC. Request for Change Forms
PRC. Auditing Management of Change
PRC. Measuring Management of Change Performance
PRC. Management of Change at Small Facilities
PRC.1.0.4 Outside Contractors
PRC.1.1.0 Impairments to Fire Protection Systems
PRC.1.2.0 Smoking Regulations
PRC.1.3.0 Maintenance
PRC.1.3.0.A Maintenance Inspections
PRC.1.3.0.B Maintenance Information Systems
PRC.1.3.0.C Seasonal Maintenance Form
PRC. Maintenance Program Elements
PRC. Maintenance Program Evaluation
PRC.1.3.1 Infrared Inspection
PRC.1.3.2 Life Extension
PRC.1.4.0 Employee Training
PRC.1.5.0 New Construction
PRC.1.5.0.A Loss Control During Construction
PRC.1.5.2 Mechanical Equipment Design and Installation
PRC.1.6.0 Loss Prevention Recommendations
PRC.1.7.0 Pre Emergency Planning
PRC.1.7.0.A Emergency Assessment and Resources
PRC. Emergency Action Plans
PRC. Emergency Action Plans Forms
PRC. Emergency Response Teams and Incident Management Systems
PRC. Emergency Response Team Forms
PRC. Pre Emergency Planning Resources
PRC.1.7.1 Rented Boilers and Pressure Vessels
PRC.1.8.0 Hazardous Materials Evaluation
PRC.1.9.0 Cutting Welding and Other Hot Work
PRC.1.10.0 Loss Prevention Audit
PRC.1.10.0.A Conducting the Loss Prevention Audit
PRC.1.10.0.B Loss Prevention Audit Report
PRC.1.11.0 Fire Protection and Security Surveillance
PRC.1.11.0.A Evaluating Guard Service
PRC.1.11.0.B Fire Alarm and Intrusion Detection Systems
PRC.1.11.0.C Is your Facility Secure
PRC.1.11.1 Riot and Civil Commotion
PRC.1.11.2 Arson and Incendiary Fires
PRC.1.12.0 Fire Protection Equipment Inspection
PRC.1.12.0.A Suggestions for Conducting the Fire Protection Equipment Inspection
PRC.1.12.0.B Suggested Checklist for Fire Protection Equipment
PRC.1.12.0.C Suggested Automotive Fire Apparatus Checklist
PRC.1.12.0.D Suggested Fire Extinguisher and Inside Hose Connection Report Form
PRC.1.12.0.E Annual Cold Weather Inspections
PRC.1.12.0.F Fire Protection Equipment Performance Tests
PRC.1.13.0 Hazard Identification and Evaluation
PRC.1.14.0 Proper Housekeeping
PRC.1.15 Business Continuity Management