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Impairment Notification Forms

A protection impairment occurs when a fire (or explosion) prevention, protection, alarm or supervisory system is shut off, impaired or otherwise taken out of service completely or in part. The protective, alarm or supervisory function then cannot be met. Fire protection systems include sprinkler, water spray, carbon dioxide and clean agent systems.

While planned protection impairments may be necessary during maintenance, renovation and new construction, it must be understood that when any protection impairment occurs, the facility is in jeopardy. Many large losses might have remained small if the protection impairments had been properly managed. When an impairment is planned or occurs accidentally, precautionary measures are necessary to minimize the risk. These may include arranging temporary protection, reducing hazards and ensuring continual and speedy progress on restoration efforts.

Select the respective form for your global region and language then use Acrobat Reader v.7 or newer on a Windows desktop to open, complete and send your notification to AXA XL Risk Consulting. These forms are intended to help document and manage your protective system’s impairment through completion.


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