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A Fast Fast Forward Live on-demand webinar

The numbers are up! According to the latest report by Check Point Research, there has been a 30% increase in reported COVID-19-related cyberattacks every week over the last three weeks. Given that millions of workers are working from home right now, the increase is not surprising.

As businesses around the world implemented a work from home (WFH) operating model, IT, security and management teams worked hard to facilitate a strong and secure infrastructure. WFH operations present significant cyber risks if all aspects of security were not properly considered. In the rush to keep businesses up and running when the pandemic hit, was anything missed?

In our recent Fast Fast Forward Live webinar, cybersecurity experts from AXA XL, S-RM and Mullen Coughlin discuss the impact of COVID-19 on cyber security. The on-demand webinar asks the critical questions businesses have to consider during this time and how this pandemic will change the cyber threat environment moving forward.

Speakers include:

  • Elissa Doroff, Underwriting and Product Manager of Cyber & Technology, AXA XL
  • Billy Gouveia, Senior Managing Director, Cyber Security, S-RM
  • Sian Schafle, Partner, Data Privacy and Network Security Practice, Mullen Coughlin

Learn more. Listen to their suggestions. Watch the replay here.

Webinar_Cyber issues in the age of Covid-19