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The Rapid Results Initiative (RRI) approach is a proven method and part of our culture of getting things done at AXA XL, and for good reason. They really work.

Having participated in hundreds of RRIs ourselves, we’ve seen how RRIs can initiate quick change, give a boost to a bottom line, and correct a problem, among other things in our business.


What exactly are RRIs?

RRIs are highly effective low risk leadership tools for generating tangible results in only 90 days. RRIs also work with any size organization. These short term projects will help you stimulate progress toward executing strategic, financial and operational plans.

RRIs are team-based, problem-solving, change-driving machines originally developed by Schaffer Consulting. Typically, an RRI will run for only 90 days. Because it’s a sprint, the RRI team needs a tightly focused, result-oriented goal to keep them on track.

RRIs are not only effective change management tools, they also:

  • Boost morale
  • Enhance participant leadership skills
  • Improve organizational communication
  • Test critical assumptions
  • Inspire creativity
  • Spur innovation


Sparking Social Change

So here’s another premise… if RRIs can have a positive impact on business, surely they can have a positive impact elsewhere, including positive change on major social issues. You better believe it!

To help prove the power of the RRI, we were invited by the Rapid Results Institute to sponsor “The 100-Day Challenge” recently held in Baltimore. The Rapid Results Institute is a not-for-profit organization that creates transformative and sustained impact on tough societal challenges. They bring about this transformation by embedding the RRI approach in social impact programs, typically in partnership with government agencies or non-governmental organizations. Their work enables front-line teams to deliver seemingly impossible results, and helps leaders leverage these initial results into sustained, long term impact.

...if RRIs can have a positive impact in business, surely they can have a positive impact elsewhere, including positive change on major social issues.

Through these 100-day RRI efforts, the organization aims to help communities accelerate housing placements and coordinate greater access to housing for, in the case of this most recent event, homeless youth. It is currently involved in the 25 Cities Effort and the Zero: 2016 Initiative, with partners at Community Solutions, Atlas Research, the Corporation for Supportive Housing, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), as well as other organizations. 

100-Day Challenges

The 100-Day Challenges have already proven to be game changers in the efforts of many communities. In 2015, for instance, the Institute partnered with four communities in Connecticut (Greater Hartford, New London County, Windham County, and Fairfield County) to help them improve the coordinated access networks for homeless services. It’s part of a state-wide effort to end veteran and chronic homelessness. According to a recent census by the Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness (CCEH), overall homelessness in Connecticut is down 13 percent compared to 2016, and down 24 percent since 2007, the first year the census was conducted statewide. The 2017 count represents the lowest totals ever in a statewide CT PIT Count for individuals, families, veterans, and chronically homeless. 

For this recent RRI event, five cities qualified to be part of the two-day event, all focused on elimination of youth homelessness in their cities (Baltimore, Columbus, Louisville, Minneapolis, and Palm Beach). 

In addition to our financial assistance, we both participated in a three-day session in Baltimore with the Rapid Results Institute to help them facilitate and support the communities of Baltimore, Columbus, Louisville, Minneapolis, and Palm Beach in their efforts to create a work plan to launch several RRI challenges to end youth homelessness. 

The agenda for the three day conference included:

  • Special training day with some dear supporters and friends. Gary and Vito shared their best practices, learnings, and experiences leveraging the RRI approach to help prepare the team leaders.

  • Launch workshop with the 5 teams. We participated in launching the RRIs. There were over 80+ RRI Team participants as well as 40+ national leaders in attendance. 


Aggressive Goals

In their RRIs, Baltimore, Columbus, Hennepin County, Louisville, and Palm Beach County set ambitious 100-Day Goals to end homelessness among young people in their community. They aimed to accomplish the following in 100 days:


Move 100 youth, aged 16-24, into safe, stable housing, with at least 20 of them being victims of sexual exploitation. At the same time, 100% of youth that are exiting the system will have a transition plan that addresses housing stability.


Improve serving systems, starting with safely and stably housing 30% of single, unaccompanied youth and 80% of youth headed families utilizing the shelter system.


Safely and stably house 150 youth, aged 16-24, of which 75% will be employed (including education, job training, credentialing, and paid internships).


Safely and stably house 100 youth, aged 16-24, and create 3-5 additional types of housing opportunities by testing alternative models with a focus on education, prevention, ongoing support.

Palm Beach

House 142 unaccompanied youth, young adults and families, aged 18-24. 50% of the youth and young adults will be identified and 40% will self-identify as a people of color and/or LGBTQ+.

It was amazing to see how powerful the RRI process can be! If you want to learn a bit more about how RRIs can help your team, here’s an article we’ve shared with our clients and others – It’s All About the Pace: Using Rapid Results Initiatives (RRIs) to Drive Change. It gives you the fundamental pieces you need to put RRIs to work in your own organization.

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