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If you would like to discuss billing or make alternative payment arrangements or if you have any questions about the below, please contact your broker. Alternatively, feel free to access our corporate COVID-19 resource page for additional information:

In response to the disruption caused by COVID-19, the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance (“Department”) is requiring all accident and health insurance carriers to provide policyholders and contract holders who may be experiencing a financial hardship due to COVID-19 with at least a 60-day grace period to pay insurance premiums. This grace period is temporary, although it may be extended. For the most up-to-date information, please check the Department’s website:

You may elect this 60-day emergency grace period to begin retroactively on April 1, 2020 or May 1, 2020.
During this extended 60-day grace period only (subject to extension by the Department):

  • We will not cancel any policy for non-payment;
  • We will waive late payment fees otherwise due; and not report late payments to credit rating agencies;
  • We will allow premiums due but not paid to be paid over the remainder of the current policy term or up to 6 months, whichever is longer;
  • We will ensure late payments are not considered in any future premium calculations at any time.

A copy of the Bulletin can be found at:

If you have any questions regarding your rights under the Bulletin, please contact your broker.