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AXA XL’s operational resilience response to COVID-19

1. The health and safety of our colleagues, clients, visitors and others is of course our top priority. We are working to manage close coordination between AXA Group and other AXA local entities in our response to COVID-19 to ensure we deliver consistent communication to all during this pandemic.

2. Our pandemic plans have been activated in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, which includes the engagement of our local office/s Incident Management Team/s (IMT) and global Crisis Management Team (CMT), as well as executing the relevant supporting plans.

3. The CMT provides governance and oversight of the pandemic plan, including identifying critical response team members, ongoing review and updates to the plan and the tracking of relevant information from government and world health sources, as well as our own monitoring programme.

4. Trigger points for our Pandemic Plan actions include: AXA XL employee detected COVID-19 positive; local health officials recommendations / orders; AXA Group guidelines to apply specific security / prevention measures.

5. In terms of business continuity, all of our AXA XL staff have the capability to work remotely (from home or any other location) using laptops and VPN access. Plans to transfer critical processes / work to alternate locations, apply manual processing / workarounds and redistributing services to an alternate provider / third party have been reviewed for readiness.

6. Communication plans are in place to effectively communicate with clients and third-party providers and to deliver important news and instructions to our colleagues, along with establishing forums for questions to be asked and addressed.

7. Emergency mass notification tools are in place and have been recently tested. These are being used for regular communication as and when required.

8. It is still too early to estimate the impact of this public health emergency. We are closely monitoring the situation as it develops and are working to assess and address all potential impacts linked to COVID-19.

9. We have put in place concrete pre-emptive measures to protect colleagues and proactively manage the situation. These include:

  • Colleagues working remotely.
  • Providing colleagues with health and hygiene advice, as well as precautionary guidance, including public authorities' instructions and updates.
  • Assessing the preparedness of critical third-party service providers and suppliers.
  • Where appropriate, closing an office or restricting access to certain business aspects only and limiting office visitors to essential personnel.

10. We have applied the following travel and meeting restrictions:

  • All international business travel is banned. Exceptions may be granted for business-critical trips on a case-by-case basis.
  • Domestic travel must comply with local government advice and AXA local policies. Any person returning from an international trip (professional or personal) must report to their local HR business partner before returning to the office. The decision to authorise an employee to return to the office will be made on a case-by-case basis, based on medical advice and/or local authorities’ decisions.
  • In person, one-off events (e.g. conferences, meetings, client events, social events, dinners, etc.) are to be postponed until further notice. Any exemption must comply with local authorities’ requirements and must be authorised.
  • Established a dedicated escalation process to report any potential infection among colleagues; those infected or quarantined are required to notify HR immediately and self-quarantine for 14 days or until a medical professional clears them to return to work. In addition, the affected office/work areas will be disinfected and any other people in direct contact will be managed appropriately.

11. We are also requesting that, where possible, we are sent correspondence digitally to avoid using the postal service.