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We live in a world where the one constant is that things are continuously changing. It is human nature to push the boundaries in all aspects of existence and with that comes risk. Climate risk impacts a large number of lines of business that we write at AXA XL. Given AXA's purpose: Acting for human progress by protecting what matters; we want to showcase the multifaceted work being done at AXA XL by diving into the climate risk equation, looking at market resilience through innovation and the role that insurance has to play now and in the future, to assess climate risk and address the associated challenges and opportunities.

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Climate Risk

Articles defining the climate risk equation, the risks associated with climate change and what we are doing to better understand clients’ exposure.

Market Resilience

Articles about how our company and industry, through innovation and collaboration, are exploring new approaches to risk modelling and developing customized solutions to address the impact of climate change.

Collaboration and Protection

How we and our industry, with a focus on present and future climate issues, are helping our clients build back better and build better before.

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