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Access to Water

The United Nations predicts a 40% shortfall in the global water supply by 2030. Access to water is expected to be an increasing challenge, and not just in developing countries. We’re developing water resilience where it is – and will be – needed most.

Contributing to water security:
AXA XL is partnering with international nonprofit WaterAid to bring clean drinking water to more than 10,000 people in Fatehpur, a rural district in Northern India. Fatehpur is a water-scarce district, which affects the whole community, including its schools.

AXA XL’s funding will support WaterAid in ensuring improved access to clean drinking water and inclusive sanitation facilities in the selected villages of the Fatehpur district; community-based committees that are trained and accountable for sustainable drinking water and sanitation facilities; and promoting hygiene behaviour change at both a community and institutional level.

AXA XL is partnering with international nonprofit WaterAid to bring clean drinking water to more than 10,000 people in Fatephur, a rural district in Northern India.

Building Drought Risk resilience:
AXA XL is also funding research to explore ways drought risk can be better managed in the most vulnerable communities. The research is being conducted by Pennsylvania State University and involves identifying a way to calculate livelihood-specific weather indices that could be used in resilience programming, focusing on a case study of rainfall-driven hazards in Somalia.

Somalia is a country particularly at risk from rainfall related hazards, with communities facing the intersection of multiple weather hazards and limited coping strategies. It has suffered from multiple humanitarian crises, including those driven by droughts that were all forecasted by meteorologists.

One of the main priorities for the research is to improve the ability for vulnerable communities to robustly assess how climate factors influence current local weather hazards such as too little rainfall and the subsequent drought. Additionally, a priority is to be able to use this climate information more thoroughly in resilience programming in order to reliably identify new norms under a changing climate, and in turn forecast for these norms.

Valuing Water:
Despite being connected to the five most significant risks in the World Economic Forum’s 2021 Global Risk Report, the word ‘water’ is no longer present in the global risk landscape. This reflects one of the most critical issues associated with the global perception of water today: the importance of water is entirely underestimated and undervalued. In this Future Water Risks report, AXA XL interviewed representatives from major water institutions to highlight the future risks associated with global water resources.


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