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Spotlight on global programs

December 13, 2019

Introduction by Shiwei Jin, Global Programs & Captives Regional Director APAC, AXA XL, a division of AXA ...

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Captives: weathering the ups and downs of the insurance market

November 28, 2019

By Matt Latham, Head of Global Programs and Captives at AXA XL Trends in the wider insurance market have always had an impact on the captive market....

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A market of opportunity: what buyers of international programmes need to know about Indonesia

September 26, 2019

Q. What are some of the major opportunities and challenges for clients in Indonesia? A. Indonesia has the world’s fourth-largest population and is predicted...

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Brazil: a market of both challenge and opportunity for risk managers with global programmes

September 13, 2019

What are some of the challenges that companies operating in Brazil face currently? The recent economic downturn and slow recovery, of course, represent...

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Gently down the stream: How international insurance programmes can help manage large and evolving energy risks

August 27, 2019

What trends are you seeing in the management and transfer of downstream energy risk?While it varies from client to client and across different geographies,...

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Realizing the benefits of global programs

August 12, 2019

After several decades of experience, the benefits of global insurance programs for multinational clients – notably improved capital efficiencies, more...

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Made in India: A Growing Market and the Opportunities for International Insurance

June 18, 2019

Why are overseas companies keen to invest and grow in India?India is currently one of the largest economies in the world, with the third-highest gross...

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The changing terrorism threat and how it can be managed within global programmes

May 14, 2019

How has the terrorism threat changed in recent years?The terrorism threat has evolved over recent years. Increased resources have been devoted to the detection...

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Venezuela: A land of risks and opportunities

March 27, 2019

Observing Venezuela’s spiral from political and economic chaos into a full-blown crisis, it’s easy to dismiss the notion that investors have anything to...

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What’s yours is mine: The risk of expropriation, what companies need to know

March 12, 2019

Our newsfeeds these days seem to be teeming with stories about political risk and a rise in protectionism to changes in governments, there is a lot for...

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