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In response to increasing food safety and environmental regulation, XL Group businesses are teaming up to help the food and beverage companies lessen their financial, operational and reputational risks by eliminating gaps in their insurance coverage and planning a timely effective response to product contamination or pollution incidents.

“Over the last few years, we’ve seen a significant increase in product recalls in North America affecting the food and beverage sector” said Ed Mitchell, Chief Underwriting Officer for XL Group’s Product Recall business. “Under the Food Safety Modernization Act food companies may find themselves on the receiving end of a product recall where contamination has been found in their processing facilities and even the potential for the facility to be shut down. Not only will companies incur significant recall costs but they will also have to clean up the site to satisfy regulators so they can resume operations”

“A contamination or pollution event can be a complicated situation requiring an environmental cleanup of contamination, help with disaster recovery, or crisis communication assistance to head off reputational damage,” said Matt O’Malley President of XL Group’s Environmental business. “Cleaning up can be expensive. Too many companies have learned the hard way that their General Liability policies don’t offer financial protection for these associated expenses. Fortunately, in an industry focused approach, we’ve been able to pull together both specialized coverages and crisis management guidance that work well together and provide a seamless response and recovery.”

XL Group’s insurance coverages and risk management services tailored to address food and beverage industry recall concerns include:

• Contamination and Environmental Clean Ups: Contamination and Environmental Clean Ups: To recover from accidental ammonia discharges, pathogen contamination or wastewater treatment gone awry, XL Group’s Environmental team offers a new Environmental Food & Beverage Policy that is tailored to help address their food and beverage industry’s environmental liability, clean up and disaster response concerns.
• Crisis Response: Through Response XL, XL Group’s Product contamination coverage offers easy access to a dedicated network of crisis consultants providing priority access to expertise in food safety, public relations, security, legal and regulatory compliance.

XL Group’s insurance coverage is designed for food processing plants, beverage manufacturers, commercial bakeries, cold and dry storage facilities, bottling and canning plants and pet food manufacturers.

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