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XL Group’s North America Environmental business unveiled a series of pollution insurance policy enhancements to help municipalities address their specific environmental risk management needs and protect their budgets from unexpected clean up and other expenses.

“Communities provide their residents with a variety of services that can pose a pollution threat,” explained Matt O’Malley, President of XL Group’s Environmental business in North America. “From a variety of building operations to wastewater management to maintaining sewer lines and landfills, municipalities carry significant environmental liabilities. Given tight budgets and their roles as being responsible stewards of taxpayers’ money, more municipalities are searching to employ effective risk management strategies to protect their finances, reputation and the environment. Using our Pollution and Remediation Legal Liability policy, we’re able to provide them with these new coverages that allow communities to build a protection program that fits their specific needs.”

XL Group’s Pollution and Remediation Legal Liability provides coverage to municipalities for on and off-site third-party bodily injury and property damage, on and off-site remediation expense, legal expense and contingent transportation risks. XL Group’s Pollution Protection for Municipalities allows communities to tailor their pollution insurance program to address environmental liability associated with their individual activities and services. Available enhancements include:

• Products Coverage for contaminated drinking water supplied by the municipality.

• Contractor’s Pollution Legal Liability Coverage to protect the municipality related to pesticide and herbicide applications, maintenance services, and/or installation of water and sewer lines by employees.

• Landfill Coverage to protect municipalities from pollution conditions that result when pollutants migrate to adjacent properties from the landfill, and on-site coverage related to storage tanks.

• Sewer Trunk Line Coverage for the main sewer trunk line network that connects the main lines and pump stations to the waste water treatment plant(s).

• Disaster Response Expense coverage for costs to secure a scene and manage the media in the event of a disaster.

• Blanket Non-Owned Disposal Site(s) coverage offering pollution protection in the delivery and disposal of waste at non-owned locations.

• Owned / Leased Vehicle Coverage to cover vehicles operated by the insured municipality’s employees.

• Abandoned Materials Coverage for the illicit abandonment of materials at a covered location.

Policies are provided by XL Group insurance companies, Indian Harbor Insurance Company and Greenwich Insurance Company. XL Group’s Environmental business also provides their policyholders with dedicated environmental risk consulting and claims handling services, which may include consultations to help prevent pollution mishaps, access to pre-approved remediation consultants and emergency response assistance in the event of an incident.

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