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XL Group’s North America Property team has extended its Up+Running equipment breakdown coverage with new enhancements to boost protection against food processing and cold storage risks.

“For food and beverage companies, spoilage and ammonia contamination pose significant operational and financial risks,” says Brian Strain, Senior Vice President and Head of Equipment Breakdown business for XL Group. “An ammonia leak can contaminate refrigerated products in minutes. A power outage resulting from equipment breakdown can quickly lead to spoilage of a large product inventory. And as the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) or US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has the authority to condemn products – if they think they are spoiled -- based solely upon judgment and not specific guidelines or rules, food companies have added reason to address their perishable products exposures carefully and quickly. This is the intent of our new enhancements.”

XL Group’s enhanced Equipment Breakdown cover is specifically designed for industries that work or handle perishable goods on a day-to-day basis including cold storage facilities, dairy product manufacturers, fish, seafood, meat and poultry processors, as well as fresh fruit and vegetable processors. It provides additional coverage for expenses to reduce or avert a perishable goods loss and expenses to properly dispose of contaminated product. Among the features of XL Group’s new Perishable Goods enhanced coverage are:

• An expanded definition of Covered Property which includes non-owned product which clients may have a contractual obligation to insure and product stored in refrigerated trucks or trailers while at a covered premises.
• Indemnification for perishable goods losses caused by power interruption
• Broad valuation for property of others in the insured’s control and selling price for finished stock

“Ironically, our new enhancement offers stronger perishable goods coverage because of what it doesn’t have, namely restrictions,” noted Brian. “While many policies have a waiting period applied to spoilage damage resulting from an interruption in power, our enhanced coverage has no such restriction. Nor does it have restrictions if our customers’ products are stored at locations that are owned or controlled by others; or restrictions controlling damaged merchandise. We have developed specific wording that allows our customers to retain full control of what happens to their products after they have been damaged.”

Up+Running coverage provides protection against financial losses that result from the breakdown of equipment and result in business interruption, equipment repair, or replacement costs. With liability limits up to $300 million, Up+Running is available in the US on a primary or excess basis, assuming 100% of the risk or as a quota share participant on the program. Coverage is provided by XL Insurance America, Inc., a member of the XL Group insurance companies.

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