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To recover from accidental ammonia discharges, pathogen contamination or wastewater treatment gone awry, the food and beverage industry now has a new pollution insurance policy option from XL Group’s Environmental team that helps address their environmental liability, clean up and disaster response concerns.

“Few food and beverage businesses can afford a disruption to their operations in the event of a pathogen outbreak or other accidental pollution incident,” according to Matthew O’Malley, President of XL Group’s North America Environmental business, “These incidents can be costly and time consuming. Fortunately, new tailored environmental insurance coverage can help food and beverage businesses quickly address and clean up if contamination or pollution conditions arise at their facilities.”

”Given some very high-profile contamination and recall cases in the news, we’ve worked hard to develop a policy that carefully addresses the environmental issues and expense concerns that can keep food and beverage company executives up at night,” explained Matt. “The result is a coverage more tailored and applicable to the real risks that can cause problems in their operation or harm their bottom line.”

XL Group’s Environmental Food and Beverage policy provides the standard Pollution and Remediation Legal Liability coverage that has been offered by XL Group’s Environmental business for nearly three decades, offering financial protection for on and off-site bodily injury and property damage claims as well as cleanup and legal expenses. 

XL Group’s tailored Environmental Food and Beverage Industry policy adds protection for both disinfection and disaster response expenses including:

  • -- Costs to clean and disinfect storage areas and processing equipment
  • -- Disaster response advisory expenses
  • -- Medical expenses
  • -- Temporary living expenses

The enhanced pollution policy is available from XL Group’s insurance companies, Greenwich Insurance Company and Indian Harbor Insurance Company.  XL Group’s environmental insurance coverage also includes a variety of loss prevention services such as assistance from an in-house consulting staff and dedicated environmental claims specialists.

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