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XL Catlin today announced that it can now underwrite Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion (KRE) insurance solutions to France-based brokers and clients, from Paris. Tania Bensoussan-Arthur, Underwriting Manager, Specialty – France, takes on the additional responsibility of leading the KRE insurance business in France.

The coverage, which was previously offered to the French market via XL Catlin in London, is designed to provide financial protection against the risks associated with kidnap, ransom and extortion events. As part of the policy, clients have access to risk assessment, crisis management training and planning programs, as well as market-leading response services, provided by XL Catlin’s crisis management partner, S-RM.

S-RM has a team dedicated to XL Catlin, qualified to help prevent, plan for, and respond to kidnap, ransom and extortion incidents as well as political evacuation, maritime piracy, and active assailant crises.

Ms. Bensoussan-Arthur commented: “For some businesses, operating in certain parts of the world can be high risk. Companies need to ensure their staff are well prepared when working or traveling abroad. Being equipped and prepared to respond to a crisis is critical and our solution can help them do just that. Our partner S-RM is highly experienced in preparing and responding to such events.”

Bruno Laval, Regional Manager, France & Southern Europe - Insurance, added: “Offering K&R solutions locally is a strategic move for XL Catlin. We want to provide clients with the choice to access our products, where they want them.”