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Today XL Catlin has announced it is working with Oxbotica, a spin-out from Oxford University’s internationally acclaimed Mobile Robotics Group, to support the adoption of mobile robotic solutions and explore their impact on risk management and insurance solutions.  

Explaining the partnership Jason Harris, Chief Executive, Global Casualty said: “The use of mobile robot autonomy is set to totally transform the world around us. The incorporation of autonomy into a wide range of products and vehicles will create a paradigm shift in many operating environments where people and intelligent machines interact.

“This disruptive technology raises interesting and challenging questions around risk, liabilities and the approach that the insurance industry must adopt in this changing world. That is why we have seized the opportunity to work with Oxbotica, a prestigious start-up who are at the forefront of mobile autonomous technology, to enable XL Catlin to really set the pace for future innovations in insurance.” 

Professor Paul Newman, founder of Oxbotica said: “We are delighted to be working with XL Catlin, who share our passion for the future of autonomous robotics and the positive impact this will bring to numerous areas of our lives. Oxbotica is now bringing to market a world leading range of mobile robotic solutions, culminating in our own fully integrated autonomous control system which we are presently implementing in the UK Government’s Driverless Car trials in Milton Keynes (UK Autodrive)”.

“Working with XL Catlin will help Oxbotica understand in detail the risk management conditions around the adoption of autonomy, enabling us to reflect this learning in our solutions and in our customer interactions.”

About XL Catlin

XL Catlin is the global brand used by XL Group plc’s (NYSE:XL) insurance and reinsurance companies which provide property, casualty, professional and specialty products to industrial, commercial and professional firms, insurance companies and other enterprises throughout the world.  Clients look to XL Catlin for answers to their most complex risks and to help move their world forward. To learn more, visit

About Oxbotica

Oxbotica was founded by Prof. Ingmar Posner and Prof. Paul Newman as a spin-out from Oxford University’s internationally acclaimed Mobile Robotics Group. Oxbotica specialise in mobile autonomy, navigation and perception, and draw on a heritage of world leading research into autonomous robotics. Our solutions allow robots, vehicles, machinery and people to precisely map, navigate and actively interact with their surroundings, delivering new capability and precision to a wide range of applications. Our 3D imaging and localisation solutions operate indoors and outdoors and are suitable for use in applications ranging from hand held survey devices to autonomous vehicles. To learn more, visit




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