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To help US businesses and public entities address increased terrorism and active assailant threats, XL Catlin’s Crisis Management business has enhanced its standalone terrorism insurance coverage, doubling available limits and unveiling specialized active assailant coverage.

According to Ben Tucker, XL Catlin’s Head of US Terrorism & Political Violence, “A string of attacks in cities, and schools worldwide has prompted many companies and communities to reconsider the type of events to which they could be exposed and what the repercussions could be for them. They are taking additional precautions and are looking for more financial protection to properly handle such events and we’re making available insurance protection that is relevant to the evolving risk environment.”

XL Catlin has increased available liability limits for its standalone terrorism insurance policy to USD 200 million. XL Catlin’s standalone Terrorism insurance policy was first introduced in 2014 with limits of liability up to USD 100 million to help US businesses address potential insurance coverage gaps provided by the federal Terrorism Risk Insurance Program Reauthorization Act (TRIPRA). XL Catlin’s Active Assailant coverage solution has liability limits up to USD 35 million to address the shortfall in TRIPRA and to enhance its current standalone terrorism property policies. 

“Unlike most terrorism coverage which can only be triggered by property damage, this coverage also offers Time Element coverage due to bodily injury or death – as well as Physical Damage,” explained Mr. Tucker. “This product helps businesses and public entities mitigate the financial and reputational risks associated with an Active Assailant event which do not have to be necessarily ideological, political, or religiously motivated terrorism events, but can be premeditated physical attacks.” 

As well as providing standard Property damage coverage, Active Assailant coverage also provides coverage for Time Element including a determination by authorities that the Insured’s operations have to cease at their current location. Time Element coverage can be extended to include Ingress/Egress and Civil & Military authority coverage, which occurs when access and/or use of a facilities is either impaired or prohibited for a period of time following an Active Assailant event. The new endorsement also provides enhanced Extra Expense coverage, which may include expenditures related to public relations assistance, relocation, counselling and/ or psychiatric care, medical expenses, additional security and job retraining.

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