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Hamilton, Bermuda – May 26, 2010 – XL Capital Ltd (NYSE: XL) (“XL” or the “Company”) announced today that it plans to hold its fifth Global Day of Giving on Thursday, May 27. The employee volunteer day is dedicated to supporting the communities in which XL companies operate.The Global Day of Giving began in 2006 when XL celebrated its 20th anniversary. Since then XL employees have donated thousands of hours of community service to hundreds of charitable projects in various locations worldwide.XL’s Chief Executive Officer, Mike McGavick, said: “We at XL look forward to once again devoting our time and talents to worthy organizations and causes which provide a myriad of beneficial services to the communities in which we live and work. It is always our pleasure to assist wherever we can, particularly during these tough economic times.”More than 160 projects are planned for this year’s Global Day of Giving, with the highest number of projects per city taking place in London, England and per country in the US. Projects scheduled include:Scottsdale, Arizona – Serving and cleaning up at the St. Vincent DePaul Cafeteria where between 800 to 1,100 people in need receive midday meals each day.Hamilton, Bermuda – Removing rubble dumped at the old casemate and hammering out concrete filling of the gunport at the Royal Naval Dockyard; raking, weeding, pruning and cleaning a sensory and environmental zone at the WindReach Recreational Village for special needs children; helping seniors with various odd jobs around their homes such as mowing lawns and painting; sprucing up various areas of the aquarium and zoo; cleaning, weeding, and planting in the playground area of a school for special needs children.Bogota, Colombia – Helping to renovate a home for children with cancer in order for it to increase its capacity to serve sick children.Hartford, Connecticut – Painting, raking and carrying out other yard work at a learning center for children from ages six weeks to three years old; helping with assembling course materials for students and their families in advance of students’ mid-June enrollment in Steppingstone Academy which prepares highly- motivated middle school students from Hartford for admission to and success at Connecticut’s top boarding schools and independent high schools; landscaping, painting, and washing passenger vans/buses at The Village which provides services to more than 6,200 children and families in the Greater Hartford region.Stamford, Connecticut – Planting a vegetable garden, laying a mulch bed, painting hand railing, and removing an old fence at STAR – Lighting the Way, a non-profit organization serving individuals with developmental disabilities; painting porches and trail signs, picking up trash, removing large debris, and replacing rocks along the shore to allow canoe access at Long Island Sound; stocking shelves, sorting food, and stuffing envelopes for summer mailing at the Fairfield County Food Bank.Paris/Le Mans, France – Organizing and collecting food and babycare products for a local charity in Le Mans; organizing basic IT training for a group of young people involved with a Le Mans charity which helps the umemployed find work; painting, gardening, fixing furniture and preparing a meal for more than 30 people at a homeless shelter in Paris.Munich, Germany – Cooking and serving lunch at The Ronald McDonald House at the German Heart Centre for families of children with severe heart problems; assisting with vehicle maintenance and a range of other indoor and outdoor tasks at the Bavarian Red Cross; repairing, erecting fencing, and planting at a farm in Neuaubing for young people; painting and carrying out repairs at an animal shelter.Wanchai, Hong Kong – Assisting a local organization, Crossroads, which collects donated goods and distributes them to charities that assist the needy in Hong Kong and around the world.Gurgaon, India – Providing educational and recreational support to school children from rural and urban areas and to girls at a juvenile home; cleaning, painting, counseling, and helping with projects at SOS Children’s Village in Bawana; cleaning, reorganizing rooms, and spending quality time with the elderly at an senior citizens home.Dublin, Ireland – Painting a day care center for the elderly and a community center in a low economic area that is used for education, training and assisting people to get back to work.New York, New York – Sorting and stacking clothes, food items and educational supplies in various warehouses at the Community Food Bank; painting fences, cleaning a greenhouse, planting and interacting with veterans at the Veterans Hospital in Brooklyn; organizing food bags, distributing them to approximately 140 people, and cleaning up at Coney Island Lighthouse Mission.Exton, Pennsylvania – Clearing trails and various camp grounds within Lums Pond State Park; gardening, painting, cleaning and hanging shelves at a local childcare facility; cleaning and sorting clothing, books, and toys at a charitable factory; cleaning up litter along a three-mile and a five-mile stretch of road; renovating and repairing low income homes in Chester County; cleaning grounds, preparing meals with Meals on Wheels, and serving lunch to seniors at a seniors center; planting trees, pulling weeds, clearing rocks and vegetation at French Creek State Park; painting a large bathhouse at the pool area of Brandywine YMCA.Madrid, Spain – Hosting more than 30 children from a local school. This will involve offering a day of fun-filled activities and making a contribution to a new occupational therapy center under construction at the school.Zurich, Switzerland – Caring for animals, cleaning, and gardening at shelters for abandoned animals; cleaning and gardening at a shelter that provides training and employment opportunities for hundreds of people with disabilities; painting a jungle gym and swing and repairing a fence at a non-profit day care center; providing companionship to seniors at one of Zurich’s municipal nursing homes; collecting donated toys, sorting them, and distributing them to hospitals, child care centers etc.London, United Kingdom – Sponsoring a 150-mile cycle ride through Sussex and Kent in aid of Alzheimer’s research; maintaining grounds and helping with the construction of paths and fences at the Wildlife Heritage Foundation which promotes the conservation of big cats; painting stables and barns and clearing storage sheds at an animal sanctuary; assisting with general farmyard chores at Hackney City Farm; painting and decorating a drop-in center for asylum seekers, refugees, and other disadvantaged groups.XL Capital Ltd, through its subsidiaries, is a global insurance and reinsurance company providing property, casualty, and specialty products to industrial, commercial and professional firms, insurance companies, and other enterprises on a worldwide basis. 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