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EXTON, Pennsylvania, August 5, 2008 – XL Insurance, XL Capital Ltd's global insurance operations, today announced the availability of a specialized environmental insurance program that addresses pollution liability and clean-up expenses for US warehouses, storage and distribution facilities.Underwritten by Greenwich Insurance Company and Indian Harbor Insurance Company, the environmental insurance policy provides coverage for remediation expense, bodily injury and property damage, and legal defense for pollution conditions resulting at or from the insured warehouse or distribution center. Both companies are member insurers of the XL Capital Ltd group of companies."While environmental incidents tend to be low frequency events for businesses, when they do occur they can be high cost events that can severely impact a company's profitability," said Rich Corbett, head of XL Insurance's Global Environmental Insurance unit."Tasked with storing products that can often pose pollution risks, operators of warehouses and distribution centers often pay close attention to the proper storage and handling of possibly harmful materials to prevent such incidents," said Mr. Corbett. "Likewise, as a result of what they have witnessed or read in news reports, warehouse operators have a growing concern about the potential pollution conditions that could stem from products stored at their facilities if they suffer a catastrophic events such as fire, flood or windstorm.""With XL Insurance's new environmental insurance program, warehouse and distribution center operators have an affordable option to enhance their environmental risk management efforts with environmental insurance that can help quickly and effectively address an environmental incident should it occur," Mr. Corbett added.Common environmental risks faced by warehouses and distribution centers include:Spills or leaks during the loading or unloading of materials from trucks and railcarsContamination as a result of a fire at the facilityWaste from on-site vehicle or forklift maintenance and storageGradual leaks from material containers stored at the facility"This is particularly worthwhile coverage for facilities when they realize the limited environmental insurance coverage that their general liability (GL) insurance offers," said Mr. Corbett. "Most GL policies offer very limited or no environmental insurance coverage at all as a result of policies' absolute pollution exclusion."About XL Insurance"XL Insurance" is the global brand used by member insurers of the XL Capital Ltd (NYSE: XL) group of companies. More information about XL Insurance is available at Through its operating subsidiaries, XL Capital Ltd is a leading provider of global insurance and reinsurance coverage and services to industrial, commercial and professional service firms, insurance companies, and other enterprises on a worldwide basis. More information about XL Capital Ltd is available at