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HAMILTON, BERMUDA – June 2, 20009 – XL Capital Ltd (NYSE: XL) (“XL” or the “Company”) announced today that it will hold its fourth employee volunteer day – known as the “Global Day of Giving” - on Wednesday, June 3. The day is dedicated to supporting the communities in which XL companies operate.Employees have donated thousands of hours of community service to hundreds of charitable projects in various locations worldwide since the Global Day of Giving began in 2006 during XL’s 20th anniversary.XL Chief Executive Officer Michael S. McGavick said: “In these tough economic times communities need the assistance of reliable and caring companies like XL more than ever before. We at XL are more than willing to spend a day giving our time, energy and expertise to those causes and organizations that sustain the communities in which we live and work.”This year there will be more than one hundred XL Global Day of Giving projects taking place, including:Buenos Aires, Argentina – Sharing a meal and quality time as well as donating toys and other items to children who are supported by a local charity that aids low-income families.Hamilton, Bermuda (XL’s global headquarters) – Removing invasive tree species at a nature reserve; repairing a building to be used for tutoring students; and preparing and delivering meals to the elderly.Toronto/Montreal, Canada – Assisting a not-for-profit family resource center in Toronto with repairs, cleaning, and painting of walls, shelves, and play equipment; working with Canada’s largest foodbank, Moisson Montreal.Hartford, Connecticut – Carrying out repairs, cleaning and other required work at a non-profit organization that provides support services to victims of domestic violence; helping to teach a Junior Achievement curriculum at a Hartford-based magnet school for students living in the Greater Hartford area who come from 17 different countries; landscaping, painting, and cleaning passenger vans for an organization that provides health care and social services to more than 6,200 children and families in the Greater Hartford area.Stamford, Connecticut – Sprucing up a low-income residence for the elderly and disabled; reading and doing worksheet activities with children at an elementary school; cleaning up hiking trails and raking at the Stamford Museum & Nature Center which is run by a non-profit organization and consists of 118 acres of land with hiking trails.Paris/Le Mans, France – Providing administration and communications support to a small French organization that assists street children in Lima, Peru; helping to sell local produce for farmers; and collecting baby and children’s clothing and non-perishable food on behalf of a French charity which helps the poor.Gurgaon, India – Supporting a welfare program for the visually and physically impaired by making candles, decorating lamps to be sold with profits going to the program; visiting and helping to organize and clean a home for the elderly; assisting with cleaning, planting trees, and providing games at the SOS Children’s Villages, an organization committed to caring for orphaned and abandoned children.Milan, Italy – Carrying out maintenance work to preserve the last remaining farm in the city of Milan. The farm provides opportunity for students to see live animals and crops such as wheat and corn.New York, New York – Helping a pet adoption program that provides shelter, medical care, training and socialization to as many abused and abandoned stray animals as possible; painting, gardening, cleaning and feeding animals at an aquarium run by the Wildlife Conservation Society; painting a two-car converted garage that is used as a location for a youth development program in Staten Island.Exton, Pennsylvania – Cleaning up litter along a two-mile stretch of road near XL’s Exton office and cleaning up five miles of a nearby creek; working with Habitat for Humanity to rehabilitate a row home in Norristown; helping to rebuild homes that recently fell victim to arson in the city of Coatesville.Singapore – Assisting with a science camp of approximately 100 children at a school for special needs students.Zurich, Switzerland – Helping various schools and organizations, which work with kindergarten children in Zurich, to spruce up their surroundings, including building, painting, working on fencing, and helping to set up an adventure play area.London, United Kingdom – Refurbishing an east London community centre which had fallen into disrepair and had been used by drug users and squatters for around 6 years; supporting the woodland rehabilitation projects in one of London’s historic cemeteries; painting and refurbishing an animal sanctuary and a centre used by the elderly, youth groups, and mothers and their toddlers.XL Capital Ltd, through its operating subsidiaries, is a leading provider of global insurance and reinsurance coverages to industrial, commercial and professional service firms, insurance companies and other enterprises on a worldwide basis. 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