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It is expected that online training will continue to have its place throughout the sport and leisure sector. With the training environment changing so dramatically, so quickly, the reduced governance instructors have over remote sessions leads to greater risk liability. To help you keep covered in the evolving training and instructing landscape we’ve put together some valuable tips and guidance.

Tips to protect your liability

For any coaching or instruction that is undertaken remotely (live or pre-recorded), it is strongly recommended that the insured should:

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A man pulling ropes towards himself for exercise
A dog sitting on grass with a hand of a man standing in front of him
A tennis player touching her arm for ache or injury
Two women performing yoga while wearing mask and sitting socially distanced
A person tying their shoelaces
A person performing karate with a rope in hand
A person writing on a paper
A woman talking to a fitness trainer via video call on laptop
A woman recording her work out video on a mobile phone
A woman working out in front of a laptop
A woman seen on the screen of an Ipad working out with skipping rope kept outside the screen on a yoga mat

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In sport, leisure or entertainment, you’ve got to be prepared for the unexpected. At AXA XL, we’re there to help our clients anticipate and manage any crisis. Our specialist underwriters have the right insurance solution for all types of organisations, ranging from a sports club participating in league fixtures, to an event organiser looking for cancellation cover.

We insure a wide spectrum of sports clubs and tournaments events and activities, large and small, from education to entertainment.


  • Sports clubs
  • Tournaments and events
  • Education and development
  • Venues and facilities
  • National governing bodies of sport
  • Federations and associations
  • Participation and affinity schemes

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