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XL Insurance (Bermuda) Ltd To Highlight The XL Bermuda Form In Today's Market

 — Hamilton, Bermuda – October 6, 2011 - XL Group plc (“XL”) (NYSE: XL) today announced that, as part of its 25th anniversary, its subsidiary XL Insurance (Bermuda) Ltd (“XLIB”) will host a seminar in Bermuda on October 10 featuring a number of insurance experts, including Thorn Rosenthal, the author of the XL-004 casualty policy.

This policy, versions of which have been offered by XL since its founding in 1986, is used by XL and other insurers throughout the world to provide broad form liability coverage to many of the world’s largest companies.

Among other features, the form includes integrated occurrence coverage, punitive damages coverage, “time-element” pollution coverage and unlimited discovery at a pre-determined cost on a stand-alone policy. Disputes in relation to the coverage provided are handled through arbitration in London, England.

Various aspects of the form will be presented and discussed at the day-long seminar, to be held at XL House, for brokers and other invited guests. The seminar will include an opening address by Mr. Rosenthal of Cahill Gordon & Reindel LLP and presentations by Richard Geddes and Mina Matin of the Sedgwick LLP law firm, Natasha Nye of the Illinois-based law firm Peters & Nye, and XL’s General Counsel of Litigation Henry French as well as Assistant General Counsel Kim Wilkerson Outerbridge. In addition to a presentation by XL’s claims team, there will also be a panel discussion by prominent local insurance brokers. XL’s former Chairman and CEO Brian O’Hara will be the guest speaker during lunch.

XLIB President Patrick Tannock said: “This event provides an opportunity for us to share valuable information and insight with brokers serving the Bermuda market. As XL celebrates 25 years in business, it is fitting for us to host a seminar focused on an innovative policy that has stood the test of time and continues to be relevant in today’s dynamic marketplace.”

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