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AXA XL knows that effective recall protection goes beyond an insurance policy. Being prepared for a recall and mitigating the potential damage to your reputation, market share and brand are equally important.

Response AXA XL is a global network of consultants that bring you best practice advice in risk prevention, recall planning and crisis response — and are available 24/7 to help you manage potential product contamination or extortion situations.

Pre-incident consulting: Complementary services to help you stop problems before they start. Helping establish early warning systems, develop recall plans, assess business systems, run full crisis simulations and more. We’ll contact you to set up an initial consultation as soon as your policy is in place.

Live crisis response: Available 24/7, at no additional cost to policyholders. Emergency lab testing, media handling and more. Our expert consultants work with you to resolve the situation. 

  • Our Consultants  
  • Response AXA XL maintains an international network of food sector crisis management experts, including public relations firms, food safety specialists, malicious tamper and security consultants, regulatory and legal advisors and product retrieval services amongst others.
  • If you discover an actual or potential product contamination or extortion situation, it’s important to act quickly. Response AXA XL consultants will respond immediately even if coverage hasn’t been established.