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Want to overcome your most complex risk challenges?

Cube enables forward thinking, ambitious risk managers to overcome their most complex risk challenges. How? Together with our risk and innovation expertise and our unique methodology we enable rapid development of new ideas to tackle your most pressing issues.

Cube gives you access to our expertise in three specific areas: Innovation, Risk and Emerging Technology. Across six weeks together we’ll:

  • Explore problems, generate ideas and validate them
  • Use a rigorous & holistic idea building process to ensure viability
  • Experiment with the idea to de-risk the business case
  • Create a prototype and test it with real end users

Can Cube change our
view on partnership, process
and how we innovate?

Find out in this interview with James Martin, Global Client Management Leader, who talks about how the Cube idea came about, how the process works and what it can do for risk managers.

AXA XL Cube partner Ninety funds access to
community healthcare workers

The AXA XL Cube was designed and launched with support from Ninety, an innovation consultancy for the insurance sector. Ninety is a for-purpose social enterprise business and 90% of their distributable profits go to causes principally dealing with global poverty. The profits distributed from our work on the Cube with Ninety have been allocated to Living Goods, a charity widely recommended by top charity evaluators such as GiveWell, ImpactMatters, and more.

Living Goods uses a network of digitally-empowered community health workers to support infants and pregnant mothers with basic community healthcare, mainly in rural East Africa. Independent assessments of their impact show that their interventions reduced under-5 mortality by 27% and stunting by 7%, all for less than $2 per person annually.

By 2021, Living Goods aims to provide quality primary health care to more than 25 million people by supporting 34,000 digitally empowered community health workers.

AXA XL's work with Ninety in 2019 has funded access to community healthcare workers for c.10,250 mothers and infants in the poorest rural areas of East Africa. AXA XL continue to work with Ninety to run the Cube and other innovation initiatives in 2020.

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