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Property Risk Engineering



Training can be one of your best investments in property loss prevention. It’s a highly cost-effective way to promote sound loss prevention practices throughout your company.  Global Asset Protection Services (GAPS) offers courses that cover the conceptual to the pragmatic and can be tailored to address the specific property loss hazards of your facility or industry.

  • Customizable programs
  • Available at your facility, with coordinated programs available for multiple facilities
  • Programs coordinated with other training vendors upon request
  • Available in multiple language
  • We also offer distance learning for a variety of loss prevention topics via webinars and self-paced online training courses with 24/7 access.


Basic Industrial Property Loss Prevention

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Designed for people who are responsible for managing and implementing industrial loss prevention
  • Customized programs available at your facility

Course details and registration

Advanced Industrial Property Loss Prevention

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Builds on the lessons learned in the Industrial Property Loss Prevention course
  • Customized programs available at your facility
  • Focused on solving specific complex issues at your facility
  • Offered on demand

Course details and registration

Fire Protection PE Exam Review

  • Duration: 14 live 1.5-hour online sessions
  • Detailed review of the SFPE Reference Manual for the PE Exam in Fire Protection Engineering
  • Taught in partnership with the Society of Fire Protection Engineers
  • Participant pass rates exceed national average

Course details and registration

NFPA 25: Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Protection Systems

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Comprehensive review of NFPA 25 requirements and implementation pitfalls
  • Designed for people who are responsible for maintenance of water-based fire protection equipment

Course details and registration

Business Continuity and Security

  • Durations: 2 days
  • Provides basic to intermediate information to people involved in business continuity and security
  • Offered on demand

Course details and registration


  • Interactive web presentations and live discussions via online chat or phone
  • No travel time or expense
  • Available in four-hour single sessions or spread over several days
  • Offered on demand
  • Can be customized for your business

Contact us to schedule a demonstration.

Online Training

  • Access to property loss prevention courses developed by experts
  • Self-paced and available 24/7
  • Cost-effective training in basic skills for large, widely-distributed workforces
  • Sessions approximately 30 minutes
  • Can be customized for your business

Contact us for more information.

Training on CD and DVD

  • Material customized and presented according to your needs
  • Consistent and reproducible training resource

Information and Research

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Training Contact

John A. Frank
+1 404 431 2673