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Peter J. Gore Willse, PE., FSFPE

Peter has conducted surveys in the US, Africa and Europe, including fire testing and research work with Underwriters Laboratories and special hazards inspections, investigations and CAT hazard evaluations

Peter chairs the National Fire Prevention Associations’s Aerosol committee and Structures, Construction and Materials committee. He is a principle member of the NFPA committees for Building Code, Boiler Combustion System Hazards, Single Burner Boilers, Multiple Burner Boilers, Commissioning and Integrated Testing of Fire and Life Safety Systems, Fluidized Bed Boilers, Building Construction, Building Systems, Flammable Liquids, Flammable Liquids Fundamentals, Flammable Liquids Operations, Storage and Warehousing of Containers and Portable Tanks, Tank Storage and Piping Systems, Fluid Heaters, Gas Process Safety, Smoke Management Systems, Ovens and Furnaces, and Uniform Fire Code.

He is a member of the ASCE’s Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures, Main, committee and Wind Loads committee. He is also a member of the joint ASCE and SFPE Special Design Issues: Fire Protection committee.

Peter holds a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering with a major in structural engineering from the University of Rhode Island. He is currently a graduate student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, majoring in Fire Protection Engineering.

Recent Activities and Publications

Publications Fire Walls: Myths, Legends and Reality Plant Engineering Magazine 1993
Publications Fire Walls: Myths, Legends and Reality Chemical Engineering Magazine 1993
Publications Heart Transfer Systems NFPA Fire Protection Handbook 17th and 18th Editions
Publications Structural Integrity During Fire NFPA Fire Protection Handbook 19th Edition
Publications Heating Systems and Appliances NFPA Fire Protection Handbook 19th and 20th Editions
Publications Types of Building Construction NFPA Fire Protection Handbook 20th Edition
Publications Hazards of Manufacturing Processes NFPA Fire and Life Safety Inspection Handbook
Awards NFPA Special Achievement Award NFPA 2010
Awards Hats Off Award Society of Fire Protection Engineers 2004 & 2008
Presentations Pre-Disaster Planning and Preparedness The Society of Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriters 1992
Presentations A review of NFPA 86, Standard for Ovens and Furnaces University of Michigan’s 40th Annual Seminar on Fire Prevention and Control
Presentations Fire Walls: Myths, Legends, and Reality Michigan Fire Inspectors Society Annual Training Seminar

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