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Fast Fast Forward

Welcome to Fast Fast Forward

Mike McGavick, CEO, XL Group plc

Introducing XL Group's online news, views and tools.


“Fast Fast Forward.” We think it’s an apt description of today’s business climate. Simply moving fast isn’t good enough. The pace of change is quicker than ever before. Even what we consider “change” is itself challenged constantly. And with increasing change you have increasing risk. Change is changing. Risk is riskier. Weighty subjects to consider. Especially for a (re)insurance provider.

We think about this dynamic a lot. In fact, our strategy is based on acknowledging this dynamic and understanding what change means for the clients, brokers and partners we work with around the world. But, once you acknowledge what’s happening in the environment, you have to ask, what’s required to really harness this change dynamic for success? There are of course many elements: You have to be flexible and adapt. It helps to be global and have a broad perspective. You should be open to the new, particularly new sources of data, new insights, and even new ways of looking at what you consider old or routine. Risk taking is high on the list, but of course, that doesn’t mean being reckless.

For XL, there are two particular elements that are integral: talent & technology.

Today, like never before, winning the business means winning the long term battle for the best talent. This is especially true in (re)insurance, a heavily talent driven business. And to win the best talent, you have to create the right environment, where teams can work with and around the best tools and technology and are driven by understanding how technology, in a broader sense, is the accelerant that is changing – and challenging - everything.

Fast Fast Forward is XL’s new platform for sharing our thoughts, observations and strategies on risk and today’s business climate. And much of the content you’ll find in this inaugural launch dives into these two integral topics: talent & technology. The majority of the pieces you’ll find here come from XL’s colleagues around the world. But, FFF is also a platform from bringing outside voices in. Overtime you’ll see articles, videos, and interviews from other sources including media, business leaders, and other thinkers on risk. 

Welcome! I hope you find FFF useful, relevant, and worth sharing.




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