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Diversity and Inclusion @ AXA XL

AXA XL is committed to creating a global workplace that’s better for everyone. One in which each colleague feels welcomed and supported. We want to build a culture that values all individuals, backgrounds and ideas; a place where smart people achieve great things together.


  • Workforce: recruiting and retaining high performing, high potential and innovative colleagues with diverse backgrounds and perspectives.
  • Workplace: fostering an environment where we embrace differences and take advantage of diversity to better serve our clients and help them move the world forward.
  • Marketplace: building partnerships with diverse customers and suppliers so we can continue to be one of the world’s leading (re)insurers.



Our range of flexible work arrangements support colleagues’ efforts to mange a successful career and fulfilling life outside of work and it enables us to attract the very best talent. We believe empowering our colleagues to achieve a healthy work/life balance and giving them greater flexibility to choose how they work creates a more inclusive and welcoming environment where the brightest and the best can contribute at their highest level.


To respect and respond to the changing definition of family and the needs of our global workforce, we offer family-friendly leave benefits designed to support our colleagues’ efforts to manage work-life balance and to overcome barriers that might obstruct their career.

Colleague Resource Groups

Our colleague resource groups (CRGs) are designed to challenge traditional thinking about culture and development. We want to help colleagues feel comfortable bringing their whole selves to work, build meaningful professional relationships and stretch skills and mindsets. As colleagues share and experience new things, they learn to respect and trust one another. They broaden their networks and perspectives which lead to better problem-solving, team performance and innovation. Our colleague-led ERGs, Women of the World (Wow), LGBT+ (PLUS) and Young Professionals, enable colleagues to assist one another in professional development, to expand their networks, and provide stretch opportunities they might not get in their day-to-day roles and responsibilities.

Awareness and Advancement

Creating a culture of diversity and inclusion doesn’t happen overnight. It’s not an initiative or one-and-done effort. It’s a journey built on awareness and understanding. Our Women’s Leadership Experience is an 12-month program that focuses on three areas critical to success: business acumen, career management and personal impact. Participants engage in networking activities, personal brand workshops, coaching and communication seminars. Our Inclusive Leaders Program assists leaders to examine personal biases and behaviors. Participants identify actions to positively impact their team and create a culture in which every colleague is encouraged to speak up and be heard and each opinion is valued and considered. Through our Inclusive Leadership program, we’re helping our leaders understand unconscious bias and giving them tools and support to create a more inclusive team environment.


We encourage all hiring managers to think inclusively about the recruitment process to make sure we attract the best and the brightest, not just the most familiar. Our Diversity Recruiting Policy helps ensure we don’t overlook the best person for the job because of habits or assumptions; and our Global Job Posting Policy helps ensure all colleagues are aware of and have the opportunity to explore job openings that are a match for their skills, competencies and career aspirations.

External Partnerships

It’s not enough to build an inclusive culture at AXA; we want to be an advocate for change across all industries and geographies. To do this, we’ve been partnering with industry organizations representing diverse communities, such as Dive In, the festival for Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) in insurance, and the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion, a CEO pledge that is helping organizations evolve and enhance their current diversity strategies. Partnering closely with industry organizations that represent diverse communities and key industry events gives AXA a voice in the D&I discussion and the chance to exchange ideas with our peers about how to bring about positive change in our industry. Our company has a strong focus on gender diversity and some of our top internal initiatives and external partnerships reflect that commitment.


Women in Finance

We are proud to be a signatory of the UK’s Women in Finance Charter and have put practices and programs in place to advance and support women’s leadership at our company, within the insurance industry, and across financial services. In addition, we are committed to increasing women in UK ExCo senior roles to 35% by September 2021. Learn more

UK Gender Pay Gap Report

Effective April 2017, the UK government passed legislation requiring companies to report on certain key statistics relating to gender pay. Employers with 250 or more employees must publish and report specific figures about their gender pay gap. You can read AXA XL's  reports here for 2017 and 2018.

At AXA, Diversity & Inclusion will continue to be a business imperative. In a fast-changing, ever-shifting global marketplace, D&I are essential elements of our business strategy. It’s about helping one another—and our business—to move fast, fast forward and succeed.